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Discuss the internet shopping business with other webmasters. Share information on how to improve your site, trade links, discuss affiliate offers.
Learn about business networking, online networking and social networks, develop profitable relationships.
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Giving to Get
Promoting Others While Promoting Yourself
How To Become A Recognized Authority in Your Field
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Do you need experience to run a business?
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Business Networking Forum - Discuss business networking, making money on the internet, affiliate marketing, viral marketing, search engine optimization, and work from home. Where you can learn to be a success.
Business-in-a-Box, an industry-recognized software that helps people successfully start, manage and grow their business.
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Business-in-a-Box is the most complete library of business document templates available today. Including over 1,200 essential letters, legal agreements, contracts, checklists, policies and spreadsheets, it's the perfect companion when comes the need to produce business documents quickly. Bringing together the expertise of an executive secretary, a lawyer and a management consultant, Business-in-a-Box is a source of knowledge that anyone can use to turn ideas into actions.  
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Business-in-a-Box is used by thousands of self-employed workers, entrepreneurs, managers and executives in over 60 different countries. The size of the market is enormous, as highlighted by these figures:

• Dun & Bradstreet's database lists some 75 million businesses worldwide.
• According to The Yankee Group, 80% of U.S. companies have access to the Internet.
• According to the US Small Business Administration, 900,000 new businesses are created every year in the United States.
Including over 1,250 essential letters, contracts, board resolutions, plans, checklists, policies and spreadsheets, Business-in-a-Box is the most comprehensive library of business document templates available today. Bringing together the expertise of management consultants and lawyers, and the efficiency of an executive secretary, Business-in-a-Box is the solution you need to facilitate document writing. Save valuable time, money and effort, and start concentrating on the core activities that impact your bottom line!
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