The Billy McDermott Group - Social networking and Business Networking Personal branding expert, speaker and writer. He is well connected, practices social networking and is a master at developing profitable relationships.
Billy McDermott
1) Always have business cards with you. • Get a laminated name badge made
2) Have your 15-second soundbite memorized. • I am a business networking and personal branding expert, speaker and writer. I practice social networking and am a master at developing relationships.
3) Look at networking very long term. Do not expect to get immediate results. • I meet Neil Levin in January 2002, then met him a month later, he does a website for me, he invites me to a gala, I sit next to Bobby Friedman, a P & C guy who introduces me to Denis Feldman • Denis Feldman invites me in September to speak in October • I address 250 people, get 50 cards and turn those 50 into 1000 contacts worth $80,000. • It took one year.
4) Networking is about relationships, not transactions. Are you a hunter or a farmer? • Transaction oriented people expect immediate results and if they can’t see value today will not attend. Relationship builders are thrilled with the “what if?” They don’t know what can happen.
5) Give to Get.
6) Look everyone in the eye, stick out your hand and warmly introduce yourself. • Nothing more than a business cards • You are dating, not marrying
7) Everyone knows at least 250 people. You should not be interested in whether the person you are meeting can help you, rather who they know that can help you. • Die and count how many sign your guest book.
8) Go to breakfast or lunch with all your contacts and split the cost. • Have a set of six questions to ask them. • Tell them six points about you.
9) Don’t attend one meeting and dismiss it.• Give it a year • Chamber • Ryze, Ecademy • Networking Group
10) Save your business cards. • Catalog them • Create an e-mail list • Treat them like gold
11) Send a weekly newsletter • Even a paragraph • What happens when you don’t
12) We live in a very concrete world • Be exact and specific. Verbalize what it is you want. • Do not assume. Most don’t know what they don’t know.
13) Don’t be afraid to ask • What is your W1 for today? • W1 is defined as “What is the one thing you are looking for today?” • Be concrete and specific. People don’t know what they don’t know.
14) Create a Core Team of Ten • They become your Board of Advisors • Give the test • 80/20 rule
15) Try to meet 20 people at each event • Goal is to get a card • No one is smart enough to determine if you are good on the first contact
16) Don’t treat networking events like they are eighth grade dances • Act as the host, even if you are not • Meet people, or why are you there?
17) Show up! • Become friendly with the Corporate Leaders • There the ones with the tickets to events
18) Have group meetings • It takes six to eight meetings to get to know someone
19) Everyone isn’t an all-star • Who is they’re top 10?
20) It doesn’t take much • Over time, relationships will go eight to ten levels deep • Ask 10 people; ask 3 people and know that 2 people gave you your top 30.
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The Billy McDermott Group - Social networking and Business Networking.
Billy McDermott is a business networking expert and writer. To develop his hosting, viral marketing and public relation businesses, he practices social networking and has become a master at developing relationships. What he does is all inter-related and connected. 
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