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The Billy McDermott Group - Social networking and Business Networking.
Billy McDermott is a business networking expert and writer. To develop his hosting, viral marketing and public relation businesses, he practices social networking and has become a master at developing relationships. What he does is all inter-related and connected. 
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Billy McDermott
One of my most downloaded articles is "Giving to Get." It truly describes my philosophy of what I am all about. A few weeks ago I opened an article library as a way to inform and educate visitors, provide content, and ultimately, attract more visitors. Search Engines love fresh and updated content and what better way I thought. I publish free articles in many different locations. The idea is for someone to see it, read it and like it enough to publish on their site. I routinely read articles searching for content that I believe my readers will enjoy. I have published more than 20 articles already. My goal is for those same authors to come back and publish on their own. The ultimate is for writers to visit and post without any effort on my part. Everyone wins!

I am a promoter. I know how to viral market using the Internet. I think of my website as a magnet to attract visitors. Today I issued a press release announcing my article library. In it I put the names of 9 article contributors. There were two ways your name qualified for inclusion. The first was to submit an article on your own as the diversity of authors is crucial for the success of the library. The second was for a simple "thank you" reply when I alerted you that I would be publishing your article. People want exposure and they request they be informed. By accident, this process has created an effective filter of whom to work with and whom not to.

Because the release is now part of my blog, Google News and PRWeb - all using RSS syndication feeds, who knows where it will go? I was happy to oblige and look forward to working with my newfound partners.