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Why do many businesses fail?
There are many reasons businesses go out of business. One is they have personal problems, health, they gamble, family problems, they use drugs, alcohol etc.
Another big one is cash management. When they have their good season and make their money for the year they spend it like the money will continue in the off season. Then, the first slow season or year they have they can't pay their bills and go broke.
Another big reason business fails is they don't have the money in the first place or the business plan costs more than they really can afford. Most need an income to pay their rent, electric, living expense, etc. It will take time for most businesses to take off. The business owner needs enough money to support themselves until the profits roll in.
Often over looked when looking for a place to run a business is to pick a location that has everything important. Not only is it important to be in a location that many people are likely to pass but there has to be parking easy enough for customers. Some people will park anywhere, like across the street or down the street but many want convenient parking. Maybe one time they will come but they won't come again if they know it's a hassle to park. Older people, for get it, they won't come if parking isn't easy. If you find a place for your business and everything was good but one or two things, it might be tempting but if you go in business everything has to be right and you can't say it's good enough. The location, the building size, rent costs, etc. are just some of the most obvious things to consider.
If you're going into business you need to be able to handle all of the possible problems you can foresee. There will be more problems that come along that are unforeseen. Make sure you plan and have a plan to deal with what ever problems come along. If you're undercapitalized you may be setting yourself up for the inevitable bankruptcy. Have enough money for the business you are going into. If you can't afford a 5 star restaurant you have to start smaller, within your means, maybe with a pizza shop or a hot dog stand.
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